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Welcome to the greatest repository of information about working with the FOT editors. You will find dozens of detailed tutorials about the most often asked questions along with custom sprite and tiles by the best modders around.


15/6/06 - Back for a long due update! Dak has miraculously revised the Redviewer to handle extreme sprite creation! Make your own animated sprites for use in the game. Thanks mucho, Dak!

Download The Sprite Editor Here.


15/3/05 - Added Redviewer tile tutorial from Requiem.

24/12/04 - Merry Christmas!! Another tile pack from Hot Wheels.

23/12/04 - New portrait packs in the files section. New Tiles.

18/12/04 - Tiles page has major update with new Requiem downloads.  This replaces all previous tiles made by Requiem.

02/12/04 - New Tutorial on creating a new font!

30/11/04 - Two new tile sets from Requiem. (old but rediscovered!)  Also new working extendable bridge sprite.

27/11/04 - A new tile set was added from TW-Kreator.

26/11/04 - Added more tiles and streamlined tiles page, Added Links  Page



Editor Readme

Basic Tutorials

More Tutorials

New Tutorials

Tile Making Tutorial

Creating A Weapon Sprite

Face Making Manual

Scenery Sprites

Ambient Sounds

Speech Sound Files

Trigger Analysis



Player Index

GoldenBeast Tools Tutorial

Making Posters

Speech Trees

Campaign Basics

   Mapping Mistakes

Creating a New Font 

Redviewer Tile Tutorial


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