Triggers by JJ86 8/9/04

Trigger Conditions

· ALWAYS -  This trigger is always considered true, so the event will go off. Useful for a trigger that is meant to happen at the start of a mission.

· NEVER - The opposite of always. This trigger will never go off. Useful when testing something and you need to disable the trigger without deleting it from your list.

· SPEECH OCCURED - When an entity says the matching speech event which can be chosen from a pull-down field. The speech event is defined in the related speech node in the "Default Event" field.

· SKILL USE OCCURRED - When the tagged entity uses the specified skill the trigger occurs. Choose the appropriate entity from the list and pick which of the eight skills has occured.

· VARIABLE - You can set and check variables inside the editor. This can be used for when a player talks to actor X they are now allowed to do something new. Variables are set as strings. If the campaign box is checked, then it checks against campaign variables, otherwise only variables local to the map are checked against. Choose a consistent and descriptive name for the variable and maintain same case. The value can be any text string like "TRUE", "T", "YES", or whatever. Again, keep the case consistent - use all upper case for example.

· TIMER - The timer is a special variable routine that can increase or decrease a value. This condition will check that value against a preset number. Choose a timer name as similar to the procedure for a variable name.

· QUANTITY - TEAM - A check if the team specified has a certain number (or more than/less than) of a specified type. Check "In Location" if you want to specify a particular zone.

· QUANTITY - PLAYER - The same as team, but checks the specific Player Index instead.

· QUANTITY - PLAYER KILLS - Similar but checks to see how many of a certain player index has been killed by another PI. I believe this may be more useful for multiplayer games.

· QUANTITY - UNIT - The same again but checks for tagged entities.

· OBJECT SCRIPT STATE - Checks the state of tagged entities or containers to check if they are open or closed. Can also check doors, alarms, switches or lights. I believe the check box should always be marked.

· ALL ALIVE AT EXIT GRID - A simple check to see if a certain Player Index (PI) is alive at the exit grid.

· CAN SEE - Checks to see if one player can see another. Use with caution, as Can See has a range of 100 metres, and doesn't take line-of-sight (LOS) into account.

· BRAIN EXTRACTION COMPLETE - Obviously not used often and is self explanatory.

· MP-GAME TIMED OUT - A multiplayer game check to see if timer has reached its limit.

· MAIN ACTOR ALIVE - Seems to be useless. There are no specific checks and it is redundant.


Trigger Actions

· CENTER VIEW - Self explanatory, will center the view on a particular unit of a PI.

· The following trigger actions change variables of the AI Contoller Setup of particular Player Indices.

· PLAYER RETREAT ZONE - Sets the location where a PI will retreat. This is normally set in the AI Controller Setup but can be changed here if necessary. Choose the specific zone from a pull down menu.

· PLAYER MOVE STATE - DEACTIVATE -Will deactivate the actors of the specified player index, effectively removing them from the map.

· PLAYER MOVE STATE - STATIONARY - Will change a PI to stationary instead of following waypoints.

· PLAYER MOVE STATE - PERIMETER - Will make the the PI follow the perimeter of a zone.

· PLAYER MOVE STATE - WANDER - I assume this makes the PI wander around a specific zone. Not sure if it works - it isn’t one of the controller types unless it corresponds to random waypoints?

· PLAYER MOVE STATE - FOLLOW - Will make the PI follow another tagged entity.

· PLAYER MOVE STATE - WAYPOINTS - The PI will follow a set of specified waypoints.

· PLAYER MOVE STATE - FLEE - PI will move from their current zone to the retreat zone.

· PLAYER PRIORITY - MOVE STATE - This is a mystery to me. I assume it refers to the Move Type Priority which tells the actor how determined they are to do what the controller tells them too. If you set this high the actor will ignore anything around them to try to follow its orders. If set above 8 an actor will run rather than walk. This value will be from 0-10.

· PLAYER PRIORITY - AGGRESSION - States how likely the actor is to attack an enemy, and how likely they are to chase them down if they try to flee. This value will be from 0-10.

· PLAYER PRIORITY - COMMUNICATE - Dictates how far around them the actor will inform friends when they are attacked or when they see an enemy. 10 means the entire map, 0 means the group doesn't communicate.

· PLAYER PRIORITY - MOBILITY - Dictates how often the player will move when set to waypoints/random waypoints/perimeter. If set at 10 they will constantly walk the path, 1 means they will take a few small steps towards their next point and wait before moving again.

· PLAYER PRIORITY - KILL PLAYER - Tells one PI to go after and kill an entire Player Index.

· PLAYER PRIORITY - KILL UNIT - Tells a PI to go after and kill an entity with a  specific tag name.

· SET VARIABLE - Will set a variable that can be used in the conditions. All variables are strings, with a unique name. If the Campaign Variable box is checked then the variable is stored in the campaign data and can be checked in other missions. All campaign variables should be prefixed with C_<variable name>

· SET TIMER - Can either start a timer or add/subtract time on a current timer. All times are measured in seconds, and timers can either increment or decrement as needed.

· STOP TIMER - Halts the specified timer.

· SHOW TIMER - Will show the current time at the top of the screen.

· WAIT - Wait will cause a pause in your list of events, so you can have an event that will happen over a period of seconds or minutes as needed. Make sure this event type is set to Blocking or it will do nothing.

· ADD OBJECTIVE - Self explanatory. Will add a new objective for the player.

· COMPLETE OBJECTIVE - Self explanatory.

· SET DEATH TEXT - Can be used to change the death text to fit a specific set of circumstances.

· END MISSION - Mission ends and can go to; Main Menu, World Map, Death Screen, Fail Screen, or Win Screen.

· GOTO MISSION - Must enter mission key name or Map Key Name field found on the left side of the screen from the SELECT menu (F1)

· TOGGLE EXIT GRIDS - Make the exit grid visible.

· SET CLICK SPEECH - Changes the speech node the character will use when clicked on.

· SET RANDOM SPEECH - Will change the floating text that appears above the specified entity.

· PLAY WAV - Play Wav will play a sound file that you specify, centered on a tagged entity.

· KILL ENTITY - Kill Entity will kill an actor in the manner that you specify. Good stress relief - set all actors to explode when you start the map when you need to blow off steam.

· SET OBJECT SCRIPT STATE - Set Object Script State can be used to set object state to true or false.

· SET TEAM ALIGNMENT MATRIX - Set Team Alignment Matrix will change the relationship between two teams. The change is one way, so to make two teams take a dislike to eachother you need to do this twice, reversing the teams each time.

· DISPLAY WORLD TEXT - Will make a popup window appear in the players screen with a message on it. The message is a tagged string from the speech file. See speech for more details.

· START COMBAT MODE - Start Combat Mode only works in turn based mode, and it forces the game to switch to the turn based combat style rather than normal real-time movement.

· ADD REPUTATION - Not entirely sure about this. Add a numerical value either positive or negative to a PI.

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