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Map Sources:

DUCK AND COVER - Most complete collection of maps

NO MUTANTS ALLOWED - Slow downloads from 3D-Downloads, not recommended.

THE APOCALYPTIC WARZONE - Mostly multiplayer maps.

VAULT OF MADBRAHMIN - Czech site, various mods, maps.


Mapping Forums:

THE RADIATED SOCIETY FOT MODDING - Hosted forums for this tutorial site.

DUCK AND COVER MAPPING AND MODDING - Good place for getting answers.

NO MUTANTS ALLOWED MAPPING - Good for checking archives, bad for asking questions.

THE APOCALYPTIC WARZONE - Not well visited, mostly multiplayer info.

 PORTAL FALLOUT - Spanish language forum

RPG FRANCE - French language forum


Other File Sources

FREELANCER - English page for Russian site. Great Source

THE RADIATED SOCIETY - A few hosted files, mostly links.



Editor Readme

Basic Tutorials

More Tutorials

New Tutorials

Tile Making Tutorial

Creating A Weapon Sprite

Face Making Manual

Scenery Sprites

Ambient Sounds

Speech Sound Files

Trigger Analysis



Player Index

GoldenBeast Tools Tutorial

Making Posters

Speech Trees

Campaign Basics

Mapping Mistakes


 LINKS - Enlaces

 FILES - Archivos