I am going to assume you already have imported the image and the color table into Spray. This guide will explain how to set up the bounding box.

1. Open up your sprite in Spray and also with Redviewer. In Redviewer go under the Rendering menu and choose Bounding Box (Ctrl-U). This will show the box in relation to your image. The goal is to make it so that the blue box completely surrounds your image.

Also if you want to make a poster that is going to higher on a wall, the bounding box will have to extend further down.

2. There are a few misleading field names in Spray. On the top left, where it says Sprite Header, this is actually the Bounding Box info. The top three values; Depth, Height, and Width are the three dimensions of the box as shown in the picture.

3. For my example, the depth of a poster will be 1, which is the minimum value that can be entered.

4. In Spray go to Image/Align big gui item. This will set the values in the Directions field s based on your image size. Enter the values from the Rgt. and Bott. fields in the fields for Center (x,y dword) respectively. This will be a starting point and may have to adjusted slightly.

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