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CAM File Basics - 11/04 by JJ86

The CAM file contains much of the needed info beyond the separate mission files. I am going to give a basic overview of how to set it up so things work properly. The first thing to do is to import your map image. This file will then become a part of the CAM file and you can then discard the zar file that you used.

The next step is to import the CAMPAIGN.TXT file which needs to be located within your path directory in the /TABLES/ folder. It can be named anything, for example FOT_CAMPAIGN.TXT. Use the original file as a guide and modify it as needed. This will bring in all of the missions, special encounters, random encounters, landscape maps, prefabs, recruits, and QM list that are in the CAMPAIGN.TXT file. If you do this there is no need to import anything else!

A few other things to note is to have the GENERIC_MISSION.TXT file located within the /LOCALE/GAME/ folder of your path. Keep this file name the same without modifications or there may be problems. Again, for this file just copy the original file and make whatever changes are needed. The mission maps should all be located in the /CAMPAIGNS/MISSIONS/CORE/ folder of your path.

Now when you click on the CORE field as shown above, all the mission maps will be shown on the left side along with a jumble of circles in the top left corner. To place a mission in the correct location is as simple as double-clicking the mission on the main list on the far left and then clicking somewhere on the map. This will move the circle to the place you choose. Double-click the next map name and repeat.

The last thing to note is the starting position of the campaign which can be placed by clicking the POS field and then clicking somewhere on the map.


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