Setting Up The Player Index by JJ86


On the top of the editor screen there is a black tool bar as shown above. These are the main controls you will need to use and are accessed either by clicking or by using the short cut function keys as shown. Hit F7 to get to Level. This will bring up new menu choices on the left side of the screen.

Down near the bottom click on the Team button. This will bring up the Team Setup dialogue box as shown on the right. Let's make two teams, the Brotherhood and the Raiders. They are enemies and will do battle at first sight. So in place of Team 1, type Brotherhood and Team 2 will be the Raiders. To make them enemies left-click on the cells as shown until you get to -10. Numbers between 0 and -10 show the degree of their hatred. At -10 they will attack immediately. Other teams may be used for NPCs, critters, or even for different groups of the enemy. You can also use triggers to change an enemy from friendly one moment to enemies later on. Click OK.

Now if you click on Players it will take you to the Player Setup dialogue box as shown on the right. Don't use Scenery or Index 0 for anything except stuff like vehicles or crates and doors. Change Player 1 to Brotherhood and on the right side of the box enter it as Team 1. Player Index 1 will always be Human controlled. Click Add to make Player Index 2 and change the name to Raiders. Change the Team to Team 2 and make this one Computer controlled. FOr now don't change any of the other settings. Click OK. You now have the teams and player indices set up for your character and an enemy.

Now you want to start setting up characters on the map. Click F3 to get to Entity. Find where the characters that you want to use are and before you do anything else, where it says Player near the top left of the screen as shown here type in 1. We are going to place a Brotherhood character. Place him and then change that 1 to a 2. Pick another character and place him somewhere on the map. Save it and load up a single player custom map. You should now be able to play and hopefully kill the raider.