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Creating a New Font

Replacing the fonts used in the game isn't too difficult of a process but if you are going to make a major change in one it might be best to change all of the main heading fonts. You may want to experiment to see if the font you want to use will be legible before you make the entire alphabet.

You will need an imaging program that can edit and open PNG files with alpha channel support. Photoshop 5.0 will work but I can't get alpha channels to show up on opened PNG files with Photoshop CS. Alpha channels are an absolute necessity.

The fonts are located in the core/gui/font/ directory and are as follows:


Spinning numbers found in Skilldex


Spinning text; A-Z and numbers, found in calendar


Smaller spinning numbers - not sure where they are used



Tall & thin font, upper & lower case


Regular font, upper & lower case


Main game heading font, upper case only


Main text font, upper & lower case


Same as Monitor but just the outline



Slightly smaller version of Medium

The first thing to do is to back up the fonts you plan on changing. Then open the one you want to change in Photoshop. In the Channels toolbar, turn on the ALPHA 1 channel. You should see something like this:


Between each character is a 1 pixel spacer line that is drawn in the green channel. The actual characters are not in any RGB channels and exist only in the ALPHA 1 channel. Choose your font with a height that is the same and then type in or copy and paste the text line as shown below:


There are additional characters for foreign alphabets on the right side. If you need to use them then feel free to replace them too if they are found in your font. You can also replace them with any other needed characters or even with wingdings. For these characters you may want to create a separate text string in a new layer. In Photoshop text is automatically created on a new layer. Use a text color of black for all text.

Now comes the more involved part. You want to render the layer by right-clicking on the little "T" in the text layer toolbar. Some of the characters might overlap and need to be separated. Cut and move the offending areas, there should be about 3 pixels separating all text characters.

Turn off the alpha channel and also the background layer. Select the Magic Wand tool by hitting the W key and then select the blank area outside the text. Then go to the SELECT menu and choose SIMILAR. This will make selections inside O for example. Go back to the SELECT menu and choose INVERSE. Now make a new channel, select it and hit delete. The text layer can now be deleted.

Once the characters are positioned and made into a new alpha channel then you have to draw all the 1 pixel spacer lines in the green channel. The simplest way is to draw one and then copy and paste. Make sure the old lines get deleted before you start placing new ones.

Then clean up by getting rid of the old characters you used and the old alpha channel. Save the file as a PNG with the same file name as the text you are replacing.


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